For a healthier, younger and more beautiful you! Glo therapeutic skincare isa range of pharmaceutical grade medically based skincare which works! If you want results from your facials and skincare then this is for you.
Express Facial
For busy people wanting to achieve maximum results in the minimum time. A perfect Lunchtime facial. Allow 30 minutes
Relaxing Facial
Pure heaven. Allow 1hr
Steam Facial
Great for problem skins, softens sebum, opens pores, loosens blackheads & blockages, plus manual extraction
Glo Peel Facials
With the amazing glo therapeutics facial peels now in salon, we are proud to be able to offer clients so much more in their facials. Glo therapeutics skincare is a range of products founded within the medical industry and used and loved by many Dermatologists Doctors and Nurses. During your skincare consultation our Aestheticiennes will ascertain what your main skincare needs are and will then use the relevant peel(s) to treat your skin.
Glycolic Skin Peel
Prepare to be amazed! For a brighter, cleaner, plumper and younger looking skin. The peel contains active ingrediants that unblocks pores, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, acne scaring, milia, and sun damage. Facial also includes a relaxing facial massage and mask. Allow 1 hour
Flower Enzyme Peel
Enzyme Peel
Lactic Peel
Glyolic & Enzyme combined
Microdermabrassion Derma co Pro
(diamond tip exfoliating treatment)
Reveal the real you with our state of the art, fully tailored facial.
Skin texture, colour and health are felt and seen after just one treatment.
Diamond tip microdermabrasion gently removes built up layers of dead skin
cells that are responsible for sallow, lack lustre skin. But that is only the start!
Your therapist then has many other tools in her DermacoPro toolkit to tackle
any or all of your skin issues including acne scarring, pigmentation, open pores, prematurely ageing skin, milia, blackheads, to name but a few.
Allow 1hr
30 mins
Courses of 6 are available with considerable cost savings.



The painless way to stay young. Facial muscles are lifted and
toned and fine lines and wrinkles reduced and prevented.
Endorsed by many celebrities both young and old.
Classic Lift Plus Facial
The Body Ultimate system uses 3 types of current for maximum strong results. A minimum course of 6 recommended to kick start the process followed by a monthly maintenance facial to maintain results. Allow 45 minutes
Glycolic Peel and Lift Plus Advanced Facial

The best of both worlds. Collagen and elastin (the structures that keep you looking young) are stimulated by both glycolic acid peel) and by the microcurrent in the Lift Plus. A very popular treatment. Allow 1hr.
For maximum results we recommend courses of 6, available on all our facials. Pay in advance and get one FREE.

Don’t want to leave the salon without your make-up? Your therapist will apply Glomineral concealer, foundation and blusher to your skin. Glominerals contain no artificial ingrediants and contain vitamins A,C,E & Green Tea as well sa a sun screen. It is healthier for your skin to wear Glomineral make-up than no make-up at all!

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